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each Zanetti Moda garment is the result of the encounter between commitment and attention to detail: from the study of trends, to the choice of materials, from the sketch to the creation of the model. The care and commitment in the construction of every detail are what makes each Zanetti Moda product so special.


The world of fashion is in continuous and constant change. To keep up with the times, a great deal of research and attention to the smallest details is required. In order to understand the needs and tastes of the customer, in-depth studies and a good tendency towards renewal are necessary: these have always been the founding qualities of Zanetti Moda.

Zanetti Moda works as a sort of energy converter: high-quality raw materials enter the company, they are skilfully processed and transformed into garments with attention to the smallest details. They are all born from a sketch, from the inspiration of a moment and are translated into fabric, since 1965, when Luisa's hands created simple items from linen.


Zanetti1965 is the first line of the company which is aimed at a female audience, who are very attentive not only to design but also to the quality of the fabric and the wearability of the garment. Elegance and refinement are the distinctive features of the line, without forgetting convenience and comfort, guaranteed by the company's research and sartorial sensitivity.
The Zanetti1965 woman has a well-defined and personal style; enterprising and self-confident, she seeks her distinctive strength in garments.

Titazen is the second line of Zanetti Moda. It is aimed at all women who want to give their everyday life a smart touch, enhancing their femininity through defined and essential yet fanciful volumes.
A world made of details, particular textures and refined finishes, which seeks exclusivity through the combination of colours, depending on the mood or the occasion: fresh and light fabrics in soft and elegant nuances, a refined mix which adapts to every occasion.

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