From the prototype to the production

The process

We offer a complete service ranging from model development to prototyping and cutting, packaging and ironing, quality control up to the logistics and shipment of the finished product.
A long process during which the company supports the customer in every phase.

1 . Creativity and modelling

Each garment is the result of the encounter between creativity and skills.
In fact, the development of the product arises from the ability to perfectly interpret the customer's stylistic requests and this is where model design comes into play: the starting point of every production process.
Our pattern makers, in a direct and continuous relationship with the customer, ensure that the idea takes shape and can be concretely realised.
The creation of models and prototypes takes place entirely in our departments where dexterity and experience are combined with organisation and flexibility, necessary for the execution of requests in progress and/or for the timely resolution of any problems.

2 . Research and purchase of materials

The research and purchase of materials is an essential phase in the process of creating and producing garments.
Zanetti Moda boasts over 50 years of experience in the sector and consequently a high level of knowledge of fabrics and raw materials, a fundamental prerequisite for guaranteeing an impeccable result.
We select fabrics in perfect synergy with the customer and buy them by negotiating prices and deliveries, in full compliance with the agreed deadlines.

3 . Production

From the creation of the prototype and the sample, we move on to the actual production of the model. The final garment is made after a careful check of the fitting and all the information contained in the technical sheet of the sample garment.
The delivery of the production takes place directly in the customer warehouse, subject to validation by the quality control department.

4 . Quality control

In order to guarantee products of high sartorial quality, in terms of both workmanship and choice of materials, the quality control phase is of fundamental importance.
Each garment is inspected in detail by our specialized employees who, thanks to their high level of preparation and technical competence, test and conclude the production process.
A staff of dedicated PEOPLE, always available to the customer and their needs, who follow the project in its entirety and work to achieve a single and shared goal: the quality of the finished product.

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