About us

Our history

Zanetti Moda was founded in 1965 as a small artisan workshop, becoming a consolidated company specialising in women's shirts.
Through a perfect combination of style and versatility, the company offers its customers high-quality tailoring products.
The company's goal is to synthesise class and modernity in an excellent product, sure in the knowledge that “knowing how to make a shirt” is a skill which can only be learnt through experience.
While shirts are still our core business, over the years our offer has expanded to a real total look: from blouses to dresses, from trousers to lighter outerwear.
Our experience allows us to offer a medium-high-quality product by carefully selecting fabrics, models and accessories based also on seasonal trends.


1. Style and Product
2. CAD and Prototype
3. Purchasing and Production planning
4. Warehouse of raw materials and accessories
5. Quality control
6. Finished product logistics
7. Sales and Marketing
8. Administration and Finance
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