Garments which are good for everyone

Every day Zanetti Moda is committed to offering products which respect the person first and foremost. Attention to detail also begins with sensitivity to the environment. From respect for the region to attention to the community in which it operates, up to the promotion of a certified Italian brand.

By Your Side project

The project is coordinated by Ritex, a certified laboratory which deals with the control of materials, with great experience in the textile sector. By Your Side is a brand which certifies the company's commitment to the challenge of global sustainability, verifying the achievement and its continuous improvement on 3 levels: the absence of harmful chemicals in the product (RSL compliance), process management according to environmental standards (MRSL compliance) and social responsibility.

TF Traceability of fashion project

This is a project promoted by Unioncamere and the Italian Chambers of Commerce to redevelop the fashion supply chain. An Italian product is synonymous with great attention to detail, to the production process and to the material chosen to create each garment. From this was born the project, aimed at certifying the traceability of the product, protecting both the consumer and the producer.

Schools Project

Attention and commitment also translate into the collaboration and involvement of the new generations. New ideas and new skills are always required in an environment of change like that of fashion, so the company is committed to collaborating with some schools in Padua and Vicenza. An experience which enriches students and companies with new work and interpersonal skills.

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