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Production of masks and protective gowns for medical and hospital staff.

Let's tackle the emergency together

Starting from March 2020, in conjunction with the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, Zanetti Moda has decided to reorganise its production chain and dedicate part of its resources to creating:
• reusable cotton face masks for the exclusive use of the community
• coats for use in the healthcare sector in non-woven fabric made of different materials and with different characteristics: from water-repellent ones to completely waterproof ones certified according to EN 14126 standards
• bandanas and headphones donated to Italian health facilities

Reusable face masks

Circular no. 3572 of 18th March 2020 of the Ministry of Health with reference to art. 16 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 18/2020 allows all individuals present in Italy, who are in any case required to comply with the provisions on social distancing and the other precautionary rules introduced due to the Covid-19 emergency, to use, as a precaution, filter masks which, for their purpose, are not configured as a DM or as PPE.
Our cotton masks are the filtering type for the exclusive use of the community. Not for sanitary use and not PPE. Maintain a safe distance of at least 1 metre. Please refer to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.


The medical division has seen considerable development in particular for the production of gowns which are entirely made in Italy.
Currently, after participating in some public tenders, Zanetti Moda supplies three types of waterproof overalls in TNT certified by the Centro Tessile Cotoniero (a body accredited by ACCREDIA).
Each type of gown is distinguished according to its level of safety, determined by the level of resistance to contaminated liquids under hydrostatic pressure.
1) Cat. III - security level PB 6-B (10.000 MM)
2) Cat. III - security level PB 6-B (450 MM)
3) Cat. III - security level PB 4-B with taped belts (450 MM)


The company also offers two types of waterproof non-woven coveralls under certification:
1) Cat. III – waterproof without taping
2) Cat. III – waterproof with taped belts

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